Open Source or Third Party Software


Tools listed here are only meant to serve as suggestions of widely available free or low-cost tools that could serve to replace tools that may be available to faculty and students on-campus, but which may not be available or may be cost-prohibitive to replace for home use.  The use of these tools is not supported by New Paltz IT support.


Blender - Rendering, modeling, sculpting.

Free Cad - 3D parametric modeler.

Sketchup -  3D Design software.

Scupltris - 3D Sculpting and painting.


Audio Editing & Recording

Audacity -  Open Source, Cross-platform audio editing and recording.

Quick Time - Mac Audio Recording

Windows Voice Recorder - PC audio recording.



Discord -  Voice and Text Chat.

Hangouts - Desktop and mobile chat, video and text.

Slack -  Conversation app.

Skype -  Conferencing app.

Zoom - Conferencing



Google Docs/Sheets - Create edit and collaborate in the cloud.

Libre Office - Document creation suite.

Open Office - Document creation suite.


Image Creation

Gimp - Cross-platform image creation and editing. 

InkScape - Vector editing and creation. - Drawing, labeling, and image editing. 


Image Viewers

Ifran View - Image viewer and labeling.


Media Encoders/Converters

Klite - Plugin to play media files.

Handbrake - Video Transcoder.


Media Players

Itunes - Cross-platform media player.

Spotify - Cross-platform media player.

VLC - Cross-platform media player.


Online storage

Dropbox - Cloud-based file storage and sharing.

Google Drive - Cloud-based file storage and sharing.

One Drive -  Cloud-based file storage and sharing.


Screen Recording

Screencast o matic - Screen recorder and video editor.

Open Broadcaster Software - video recording and streaming



Avast - Antivirus protection.

AVG - Antivirus protection.

MalwareBytes - Antivirus protection.

Spybot - Antivirus protection.



7-Zip - File archive and compressor.

Filezilla -  File FTP.

Img Burn - CD / DVD / HD DVD / Blu-ray burning application.

Notepad++ Source code editor.

Team Viewer - Remote desktop software

WinRar - File archive and compressor.

Winscp -  FTP


Video Editors

Da Vinci resolve -  a free video editing tool.

imovie- a free video editing tool.


Web Browsers

Fire Fox

Google Chrome


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