Breakout Groups | Set Up and Management (Moderators)

This short tutorial video shows how to use Breakout Groups while in a Blackboard Collaborate Utra session.  This feature allows the moderator to distribute the session participants into small groups.  The moderator has the ability to move from group to group to observe or participate within the small groups.

While in the Breakout Room, participants will be able to use the same tools as moderators.  They can:

  • Use the whiteboard
  • Share their screen (not available to mobile users)
  • Share files
  • Create polls

When they use these tools, anything that is shared is only visible within the group.

Video: Using Breakout Rooms in Bb Collaborate Ultra

Also, it is noted in the video that when using the Random Assignment option Moderators are automatically added to groups; however, there is a setting that can control whether or not this happens.

Screenshot of checkbox to include moderators in group assignments or not  


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