Crestron Lecture Capture Workflow

Steps of a Crestron Lecture Capture from recording to publishing on Blackboard.

  1. Schedule an appropriately equipped classroom space.

    1. To place a request email Records and Registration at

    2. If you wish to request assistance, fill out a Lecture Capture Support Request form.

  2. Record your lecture.

    1. See the knowledge base article How To Use Crestron Lecture Capture for more information.

  3. If you selected the “Ad-Hoc Recording to My Ensemble Account” or “My Meeting Is:” options when lecture capturing.

    1. Your video is automatically uploaded to the campus ingest folder on the Ensemble Video server.

    2. Notify IT staff by filling out Lecture Capture Support Request form and select the “Move a video into my Ensemble account” option. This will generate a ticket with IT. 

    3. You will be notified via email when the ticket is closed and the video is available in your account.

  4. If you selected “Ad-Hoc Recording to my Personal USB” when lecture capturing.

    1. The video will record directly onto your USB drive.

    2. You can then use a computer to upload the video to the Ensemble Video Server.

    3. The login for the Ensemble Video Server is located at the web address

    4. Upload the video to your account. See the knowledge base article How to Add Content (Audio or Video Files) to Ensemble and Bulk Upload

  5. The video is now available and can be linked into your courses in Blackboard by using the Video Mashup tool.

    1. See the knowledge base article Adding Ensemble Content to Blackboard: Using the Mashup Tool and Adding Videos from Ensemble for more information.

  6. Once your video is ready to be viewed by the public, you must submit a Request For Closed Captioning.

  7. If you wish you can manage videos directly by signing into the Ensemble Video Server located at

If you need help accessing your Ensemble Account or videos fill out the Lecture Capture Playback Issue form.


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