How to Get a Guest Link for the Course Room or a Scheduled Session

Guest Links for Blackboard Collaborate Ultra (BbCU) can be provided to individuals who are not enrolled in a class in Blackboard, but need to join a Collaborate session; for example, a guest speaker or a colleague who is observing a session. 

Guest Links can also be useful for faculty looking to practice with BbCU.  The guest link can be provided to colleagues, friends, or family who might be available to help the faculty member practice using the different tools and functionality in BbCU.

Safety and Privacy Note: Faculty must be careful how they distribute guest links because anyone with the link will be able to join; if the link is circulated or posted publically, it increases the possibility that someone might try to join the session for disruptive and innappropriate reasons (the term "ZoomBombing" has become popular, but any web-conferencing platform can be suceptible if guest links are distributed openly).   

How to Get a Guest Link

1.  Navigate to the BbCU Landing Page in your Blackboard Course.

2.  Select either the Course Room or a Scheduled Session; this will open the room or session menu.

Screenshot showing where to select the Course Room

3.  From the room or session menu, look for the Guest section and make sure the option "Allow Guests" is checked.  Then, select the Copy icon to copy the Guest Link.

Screenshot showing the "Allow Guest" option is checked and identifying the Copy icon

4.  The Guest Link can now be distributed to users outside the class.


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