Reactivate Duo when you get a new phone

If you no longer can access Duo (since you got a new smartphone) - but still have the same cell phone number - you can reactivate Duo without contacting IT for assistance.  To do so:


  1. Go to:
  2. Login with your regular username and password.
  3. When you get the Duo Prompt - click on "My Settings & Devices" on the left.
    Screenshot of initial Duo prompt with "My Settings and Devices" highlighted
  4. Since you don't have the Duo app setup - you'll need another way to verify your login.  Click on "Enter a Passcode"
    Screenshot of Duo screen with "Enter a Passcode" highlighted
  5. A blue bar will appear at the bottom.  Click "Text me new codes" - click on it and you will be sent a text message with a number of Duo access codes.  Take one of those six digit codes and enter it into the box to the left of the Log In button and then click that Log In button.
    Screenshot of Duo prompt with "Text me new codes" highlighted
  6. You've now verified your login - and can activate or reactivate your phone.  Click on the blue Device Options button.
    Screenshot of Duo prompt with "Device Options" highlighted
  7. You should see your existing phone number and a Reactivate Duo Mobile button.  Click on it and follow the prompts (i.e. is your phone an iPhone or Android, and is your number the same).  Follow those prompts - and you'll be reactivated.  When done - you'll be brought back to the New Paltz homepage.
    Screenshot of Duo prompt with Reactivate Device button highlighted
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