Asset Management Tool

Asset Management Python Tool

Before a computer can be deployed using WDS, it needs to be prepared in Active Directory. This process requires the creation of the object in the appropriate OU with a netbootGUID entered under the Attribute Editor. This tool will reduce the overhead of manually creating and updating every computer in AD. 

Once created in AD, the tool will also create/update the asset in TeamDynamix.

  1. Download the appropriate files from the Desktop Support Sharepoint (Documents > Python Tools > Asset Management)
  2. Enter the computer information in the asset_input.csv file using the appropriate formatting
    NOTE: Building and Department formatting should be as close to how they appear in TDX as possible. If unsure about the name/formatting, the depts/buildings txt file has all of them listed.

  1. Open the GUI.exe tool and browse to select the asset_input.csv file

  1. Click 'Submit'
  2. Depending on the number of computers in the list, this could take a little while. You should see a powershell window pop up a few times to create the asset in AD
    NOTE: If there are any issues with the formatting or the computer name/MAC address, such as duplicate name, the object will not be created. 
    • Always good to double check in AD that each device is where you intended it to be and that the netbootGUID is correct.
  3. Once this is complete, each computer should show up in Belinda
  4. After each asset is created in Active Directory, it will then be created/updated in TeamDynamix
    NOTE: When updating an existing asset, certain asset information is omitted from this process, such as OS and asset owner, so that will have to be updated manually. TDX will show an entry for the asset where "System User" has updated some information (see image).

  1. Now the asset is created in Active Directory and TeamDynamix!


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