Adobe Flash - no longer supported

As of December 2020 - Adobe Flash is no longer supported even by Adobe who created it.  Below is the information page on Flash from Adobe:

Even if it were installed - the major browser developers (Google for Chrome, Mozilla for Firefox, Apple for Safari, and Microsoft for Edge) have disabled the use of Flash in browsers because of these security reasons.  See the following for more information on this.

Google Chrome:

Mozilla Firefox:

Apple Safari:

Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer:

Flash has been an enormous security problem over the years - with severe security issues (which could cause a computer to be compromised just by visiting a page with malicious Flash content) for years. This is why Adobe and the browser developers pulled the plug on it. Now that it isn't even getting patched for known security issues - it is an even greater risk to any computer where it is used.

If you are a faculty member using Flash for course material (such as from a text book publisher) you need to find an alternative.  Otherwise you will have students unable to access the content in Flash (or if they find a work around, they will open their computers up to significant security risks).



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