Knowmia Migration Updates

Please bookmark this page to check on the most recent updates in our migration from Knowmia to another tool.  Campus announcements will be preserved here in reverse chronological order with most recent information at the top of the page.

March 22, 2021

Knowmia Updates

This message provides some updates, as well as some follow-up information that came out of the Listening Session and the Knowmia Feedback Form.  Thank you to those who took the time to attend or send us input on the form!  

To keep everyone up-to-date, the evaluation process to select a new tool is underway and we hope to have information about which tools will receive a trial by mid-April.

Listening Session

We held a listening session on March 12, 2020 and tried to address all questions and concerns of the faculty who attended, based on the information we had at the time.  The following are some key points:

Migration Parameters

We fully understand that many faculty and staff are concerned with the ability to migrate both media content and closed caption files to the new system (TBD).  Please be assured that the ability to smoothly migrate content and captioning files to a new tool is a primary criteria in our evaluation process.  However, until the new tool is actually selected, we won't know any specific details about how, when, or to what extent migration will be able to occur.  We will notify the campus as soon as this information is available.

While there are ways to create personal backups of content and caption files, we recommend that users hold off on taking these types of actions until we have specific details to share.

Timing of the Transition

We are committed to using Knowmia through the end of the fall semester, so faculty will not need to make changes to their fall courses.  It is our goal to have a contract with a new company that begins as early as September or October 2021, so that the migration and training process can begin during the fall semester.  This will give faculty time to adjust their Winter and Spring 2022 courses, since media content will need to be relinked from individual course to the new system, even if a full migration takes place.  If this timetable needs to be adjusted as we get further into the evaluation and contract parts of the process, we will provide updated timelines and information as soon as we have details.  

Continued Use of Knowmia

We recommend that you continue to use Knowmia as you have been throughout the rest of the Spring 2021 semester and through the Summer and Fall 2021 semesters.  Knowmia still offers the best options for recording content, storing content, creating automated closed captions, and providing analytical tools. 

Some faculty have asked about putting content on our old system, Ensemble, and this is strongly discouraged: content on Ensemble 1) will not be captioned; 2) does not show analytics; and 3) will not be eligible for migration to any system.  If you had content on Ensemble that was never moved to Knowmia, you can continue using Ensemble, but new content should be put on Knowmia.    

Knowmia Feedback Form

Thank you to those who have offered their feedback on a Knowmia Feedback Form.  Anyone who submitted a feedback form with specific questions and provided their name has received a response.  If you submitted an anonymous form, your comments and your feedback have been recorded.

This form is still open and all faculty and staff are welcome to continue providing comments and input.

Knowmia Update Page

To keep our communications about Knowmia in one place that can be referenced at any time, we have started a new Knowmia Update page on our support site,

You can check back to this page at any time to review past communications and to make sure you have read all the latest news and updates!

March 9, 2021

Important Knowmia News

In the spirit of transparency, we want to make you aware of a recent development with Techsmith Knowmia, a multimedia creation and storage platform that we licensed in summer 2020.  The Techsmith company has let us know that they are in the process of dissolving the Knowmia service for all customers, which means we will need to migrate from this tool to another platform. 

Please know that this announcement has been as unexpected and unwelcome to our area, as it is to campus users currently reading this message.  We have invested many hours in implementation, promotion, training, and support of this tool and we were incredibly happy to see how quickly and effectively it was adopted by the campus.  We feel your frustration in now having to repeat this process little more than six months after the initial implementation.  However, we see a silver lining in that we now have a better understanding of what campus users are looking for in this type of tool.  We are now committed to finding an equal or better replacement tool that meets campus needs for the long-term and to plan a transition to the new tool that will be as seamless as possible.   

The Information Technology Services department has consulted with the Committee on Educational Technology; Academic Deans and the Provost; and the Purchasing Department to determine a course of action that we feel will have the least disruption: 

  • Demo alternate tools and choose 2 – 3 (Spring 2021)
  • Conduct a pilot of selected 2 – 3 tools (Spring 2021)
  • Aim to implement and migrate to the new tool in late Fall (October, November, December) 

We are certain that current users of Knowmia or those who were thinking of trying it soon will have several questions and concerns.  We will do our best to address these questions and concerns, starting with this message and then through a listening session which we will hold on Friday, March 12th at 2:00pm [link removed as session has passed].  Additionally, if you have questions or other input that you would like to communicate to us outside of the listening session, you can also respond on this Feedback on Knowmia Migration form.

Questions & Answers

The following section poses some basic questions and answers based on the information that we have to date.  We will continue to update the campus as we have more concrete information to share.  

Q: Can I still use Knowmia until we migrate?

A: Yes, Knowmia will continue to be fully supported, both by staff in ITS and by our reps at Techsmith, until the point when we migrate to the new tool.

Q: What will be considered in the new tool? 

A:  We will look for many qualities in the new tool, but some of the factors we will consider are screen capture and recording ability; media storage options; media quality; accessibility; mobile options; security of the media library and the ability manage user privileges; engagement tools; Learning Management System (LMS) integration; customer service and responsiveness; ability to request feature enhancements; ability to migrate content to the new system; and price. 

Q: How will this impact my workload? 

A:  We will not know the full extent of how faculty’s workloads will be impacted until after a new contract has been negotiated, but we are committed to making this change with the least disruption possible.  However, given our general knowledge of these systems and the integration with Blackboard, it is likely that faculty will be responsible for relinking media content from the new system to their Blackboard classroom.     

Q: Will grades from Knowmia quizzes that have already been taken be saved on Blackboard? 
A: Yes.  Though the Knowmia integration in Blackboard will cease to work after we have discontinued our contract, the grades from any quizzes you conducted through Knowmia media will remain in the Blackboard grade center. 

Q:  Will analytics and “conversations” transcripts be preserved in the new system? 

A: With the information we have at present, it does not seem that analytics and “Conversations” transcripts will be preserved.  However, it is possible to download this information yourself and we will provide information on how to create your own back-ups of this information in the near future. 


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