Issues emailing faculty - or receiving emails from students through Blackboard


Occasionally Outlook and other email applications may reply to the "From" address instead of the "Reply to" address with emails routed through Blackboard. 
Please make sure the correct address is in your "To" field instead of the <> address.

Email delivery error message 

Full Details:

Blackboard sends emails out in an odd format which can cause issues.  Let's say for example that your name is John Doe and your New Paltz address is  If you send an email out from Blackboard, it comes with the following From and Reply-To addresses:

From: John Doe - <>

Reply-To: John Doe <>

The first part of the From address, highlighted in yellow, is not the actual address this message is from.  The entire "John Doe -" is the from NAME - not the from ADDRESS here.  The actual from address is

This causes two issues:

  • Some email systems ignore the Reply-To address and try to send to the From address.
  • Some email systems (including Outlook and Hawkmail) will cache addresses that you have previously received mail from, to try to make it easier to send new messages.  In this case - when you are sending an email, if you choose the "" address - your message will be rejected as undeliverable.

How do you fix this?  Just make sure you have the correct email address - especially if you are using auto-complete.

If you are unsure of the email address of a faculty/staff member - use the online phone/email directory at



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