Campus Approved Core DLE Training (Brightspace D2L)


Core DLE is designed for ALL faculty. It provides a basic introduction to the nuts and bolts of the learning environment with a focus on tools useful for seated, online, or hybrid courses. You must complete core DLE before teaching your course.

  • The total running time of instruction is 2 hours
  • The training should take between 2-4 hours

Self-paced Training

Start your Self-Paced BrightSpace Core DLE Training

  • Communicating With Students 
  • Course Management 
  • Surveys, Tests, Self Assessments 
  • Reporting and Progress 
  • Rubrics and Grading 
  • GradeBook 
  • Groups 
  • Accessibility 
  • Student View 


  • This training utilizes our campus LinkedIn Learning platform
  • If you've never logged into LinkedIn before, follow these instructions
  • You must click through each item on the list and open the links until the articles open or the movies play completely through to receive full credit
  • You may download your LinkedIn Certificates for your CV and Portfolios. You do not have to email OIT or Academic Affairs of completion.


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