Campus Approved Core Online Pedagogy Training


Core Online Pedagogy is designed for faculty who teach remote courses (synchronous, asynchronous, hybrid, or extended virtual/hyflex). It provides focused training specific to the pedagogical best practices for remote teaching and learning. You must complete Core Online Pedagogy Training within the first year of your development.  Please note: Faculty seeking provisional certification must complete the Core Online Pedagogy Training before teaching their course in order to be approved.

  • The total running time of the instruction is under 2 hours
  • The training should take between 2-4 hours

Self-paced Training

Start your Self-Paced BrightSpace Core Online Pedagogy Training

  • Learning to Teach Online
  • Moving Your Class Online Quickly and Efficiently
  • Core Online Pedagogy files


  • This training utilizes our campus LinkedIn Learning platform
  • If you've never logged into LinkedIn before, follow these instructions.
  • You may download your LinkedIn Certificates for your CV and Portfolios. You do not have to email OIT or Academic Affairs of completion.


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