Faculty D2L BrightSpace FAQ


*This information is current as best to our ability and is subject to change based on resources and project timeline



What Digital Learning Environment (DLE) are we migrating to? 

We are migrating from BlackBoard Learn to D2L BrightSpace. D2L BrightSpace will be the single system-wide application for all SUNY Campuses. (Announcement)


What does DLE Stand for? 

(DLE) Digital Learning Environment. Its benefits are-  To enhance online content delivery in all course modalities for: 

  • Faculty - A way to work more efficiently, focusing on high-impact activities and less on administrative chores

  • Students - Expanded access to learning resources that support a more diverse group of learners

  • SUNY - Dynamic opportunity to unify the digital learning environment within which all SUNY campuses operate:

  • A common LMS application; a central architecture with common data structures; common templates; a common set of online tools integrated with the LMS and a common integration for data. (Announcement)


Why is SUNY New Paltz changing learning platforms, from Blackboard to D2L? 

The SUNY contract with Blackboard, as well as the product Blackboard Learn, is expiring in late December. All Campuses are replacing Blackboard with D2L Brightspace as a SUNY initiative. (Announcement)


What is a conversion or migration? 

We export your courses in BlackBoard and Import them into D2L Brightspace without student data. A conversion/migration puts a copy of your Blackboard Course into D2L Brightspace.


When is the migration completed? 

  • In Summer 2022 we will have a voluntary D2L Brightspace pilot; all other courses will default to Blackboard

  • By end of Summer 2022, we are fully transitioned to D2L Brightspace for Fall 2022



When will the Voluntary Summer 2022 and conversion Pilots receive access? 

Pilot access to D2L Brightspace Courses is projected for Early April


When will ALL faculty, staff, and administrators have access to D2l BrightSpace 

All Faculty, staff, and administrators have access as of Early May. (Announcement)


When will students have access to courses in D2L Brightspace 

Student access to courses is projected for 2 weeks before courses begin in the Summer 2022 and Fall 2022. This one-time additional week will help everyone transition before classes begin



Where should faculty, staff, administrators, and students look for all Communications? 

Your email, Daily Digest, newpaltz.edu/dle and D2LBrightSpace archives


When will students be notified?

We will begin our message campaigns to students after Spring Recess in Mid-End of March 



When does the Voluntary Summer 2022 D2L Brightspace pilot begin? 

The limited voluntary D2L BrightSpace Pilot begin and end in Summer Term. The Pilot is no longer accepting applications.


When is the last semester during which faculty can use Blackboard? 

Summer 2022 will be the last semester for Blackboard use. All courses will move to D2L Brightspace for Fall 2022


When will access to BlackBoard go away? 

Access to Blackboard will be permanently unavailable to all students, faculty, staff, and administrators one week after Summer courses end (8/21/22)


Do I have to download my content before Blackboard goes away? 

Depends on the following: 

  • Do you want to retain content from a course from semester prior to Spring 2021?
    • No - Winter 2022, Fall 2021, Summer 2021, Spring 2021 are in the process of being automatically converted and uploaded to Brightspace for instructors to reference. We will also automatically convert Spring 2022 in June, and Summer 2022 in September.
    • Yes – Courses in semesters other than the above will not be automatically converted.
  • If you want to retain course from a Semester prior Spring 2021, how can you retain access to it in Brightspace?
    • Please submit a Brightspace Ticket for “Course Conversion (Blackboard to D2L/Brightspace only)”
      • If you need this course for Fall 2022 we will manually convert and copy the course into a Brightspace course you are teaching in Fall2022.
      • If you don’t need the course for Fall 2022, but would like to retain access, you will be given a “Review site” in Brightspace later this Summer.
        • Please read the directions carefully when providing your course ID.
  • All Faculty are expected to maintain all records according to campus policy. See New Paltz’s Record Retention Schedule
  • Note: The campus is pursuing an archive solution for student data; details will follow when a contract is in place.
  • Also see “How will faculty manage incompletes for Summer 2022 and Spring 2022?" below.


How will faculty manage incompletes for Summer 2022 and Spring 2022?

  • See Registrar's April 2022 email for incompletes
  • We also advise that all faculty should: 
    • Follow Academic Policies in documenting, communicating, and resolving incompletes with students
    • Download pertinent course records and materials from all electronic sources to facilitate resolving incompletes (starting now through the last day of class of Summer 2022)
    • Resolve incompletes offline, or through another electronic means in approved campus systems such as email, onedrive and webex before last date of Blackboard Access of 8/21/22
    • Retain accurate records. See New Paltz’s Record Retention Schedule
    • Discuss with your department now in planning and resolving incompletes with Chair and Deans. (Information Technology and OIT will not be able to advise on Academic Affairs)
    • Plan accordingly now for alternate assessments when access to your Blackboard enrolled courses are not available after summer 2022 (8/21/22)


What records do I need to retain in general?


What will the courses look like in D2L? 

Get A D2L Brightspace Sandbox and take a look! 


What tools will be available in D2L? 

Read about the core tools at dle.suny.edu (you will need to login with your SUNY Federated Login) 


What Third Party tools will be available in D2L?

SUNY is reviewing all campuses' tools and needs and will be implementing a standardized set of tools that align with SUNY policies that give campuses additional discounts by partnering together as a procurement cohort. More information is forthcoming. 

At the present time, we are prioritizing webex, turnitinrespondus, and Panopto for the Summer 2022 Pilot. More information on tools is forthcoming for Fall 2022.


Can I build my course in D2L instead of Blackboard?

Because everyone's course delivery timelines differ we suggest that you do not delay your course building waiting for D2L access. Continue to build and refine your courses in Blackboard.

Blackboard modules, sub-modules, files, and items transfer over as well as other tools.


Organizations/Communities in Blackboard 

Will Blackboard Communities continue in BrightSpace D2L?

No, Blackboard Communities will not continue or be migrated/converted into Brightspace D2L 


Why are Blackboard Communities being discontinued in Brightspace D2L? 

  • Communities is a BlackBoard Tool. D2L BrightSpace does not have a matching community tool. 

  • Blackboard was an ad hoc solution and not a sustainable solution moving forward 

  • Blackboard Communities require heavy manual and automated processes for setup and maintenance 

  • Our usage reports there are a large number of abandoned inactive communities after all of the efforts of setup over the years 

  • Other campus tools are better suited for sustainable collaboration, editing and sharing content. (More information is forthcoming from Information Technology) 


What should I do with my content in Blackboard Communities? 

  • You should begin now to download any existing content before the last access date in Summer 8/21/22. There are currently no plans for a migration or conversion for your Blackboard Community content to a new system. 

  • Talk with your community leaders and document your needs 

  • Submit your needs to Information Technology so they can match you to the proper tools (More information is forthcoming from Information Technology) 



When does D2L BrightSpace Training Begin? 

On-demand training was released on 3/8/21. We strongly encourage all faculty to do the Core DLE.  All faculty teaching remotely for Fall 2022 MUST complete the Core DLE  and Core Pedagogy training regardless of certification status. (Announcement) 


What is Core DLE Training?

Core DLE training focuses on the basics of using the D2L BrightSpace platform.  All faculty who teach remotely must complete this training. We recommend that even faculty who teach only in seated formats also complete the training so that their seated classes can take advantage of useful features for all learning modalities. 


What is Core Pedagogy Training?

Core Online Pedagogy is designed for faculty who teach remote courses (synchronous, asynchronous, hybrid, or extended virtual/hyflex). It provides focused training specific to the pedagogical best-practices for remote teaching and learning. All faculty who teach remotely must complete this training.


What trainings should I do for 2022?

Core DLE and Core Pedagogy.

  • Faculty teaching remotely in Fall 2022, regardless of certification status, MUST complete the Core DLE training so that they are able to use the new DLE. 
  • Faculty who are not yet certified and who need to teach remotely in Fall 2022 MUST, in addition to the Core DLE, also complete the Core Pedagogy training. 
  • We recommend that all faculty complete the Core DLE training for Fall 2022, even if they do not teach remote courses so that they can make full use of the range of tools that support education in all modalities including seated courses.
  • You may download your LinkedIn Certificates for your CV and Portfolios. You do not have to email OIT or Academic Affairs of completion.


Why are some of the training asynchronous?

We are using trusted training partners such as SUNY, Brightspace and LinkedIn because we're familiar with and trust the brand, courses, and skills in their materials.

Asynchronous learning is beneficial in many ways.

  • Learn at your own pace​
  • Control how much per session​
  • Active or passive participation​ (Watch and/or duplicate the steps)
  • Self-review follow up​


  • Pre-requisites​
  • Flipped classroom​
  • Modular learning​
  • Self-assessments​


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