Student D2L BrightSpace FAQ


What Digital Learning Environment (DLE) are we migrating to? 

We are migrating from BlackBoard Learn to D2L BrightSpace. D2L BrightSpace will be the single system-wide application for all SUNY Campuses. (Announcement) 


What does DLE Stand for? 

(DLE) Digital Learning Environment. Its benefits are- To enhance online content delivery in all course modalities for: 

  • Faculty - A way to work more efficiently, focusing on high-impact activities and less on administrative chores. 

  • Students - Expanded access to learning resources that support a more diverse group of learners 

  • SUNY - Dynamic opportunity to unify the digital learning environment within which all SUNY campuses operate:  

  • A common LMS application; a central architecture with common data structures; common templates; a common set of online tools integrated with the LMS and a common integration for data. (Announcement)


Why is SUNY New Paltz changing learning platforms, from Blackboard to D2L? 

The SUNY contract with BlackBoard as well as the product Blackboard Learn is expiring in late December. All Campuses are replacing BlackBoard with D2L BrightSpace as a SUNY initiative. (Announcement) 


What is a conversion or migration? 

We export courses from BlackBoard and Import them into D2L BrightSpace without student data. A conversion/migration puts a copy of a Blackboard Course into D2L BrightSpace 


When is the migration completed? 

  • In Summer 2022 we will have a voluntary D2L BrightSpace pilot; all other courses will default to BlackBoard 

  • By end of summer 2022, we are fully transitioned to D2L Brightspace for Fall 2022 



When will students have access to courses in D2L Brightspace 

Student access to courses is projected for 2 weeks before courses begin in the summer pilot and fall 2022. This one-time additional week will help everyone transition before classes begin.


When will access to BlackBoard go away? 

Access to Blackboard will be permanently unavailable on 8/22/22 to all students, faculty, staff, and administrators one week after summer courses end. 



Where should faculty, staff, administrators, and students look for all Communications? 

Your email, Daily Digest, and D2L BrightSpace archives 



Will faculty and students be able to pilot D2L BrightSpace? 

Yes, some of our faculty volunteered to run their summer 2022 courses in D2L BrightSpace. Students enrolled in pilot courses will be in D2L Brightspace. All other courses will be in Blackboard. More information is forthcoming about the pilot. 


When does the Voluntary Summer 2022 D2L BrightSpace pilot begin? 

The limited voluntary D2L BrightSpace Pilot begin and end in Summer Term. More information is forthcoming about the pilot. 


When is the last semester during which courses will be on BlackBoard? 

Summer 2022 will be the last semester for BlackBoard use. All courses will move to D2L BrightSpace for Fall 2022. 


Do I have to download my content before Blackboard goes away? 

  • Depends on the following: 

  • Yes, if you want a copy of your work you have previously submitted: 

  • If you still have access to the course, download what you need 

  • If you do not have access to the course: 

  • You can email the instructor of a previous course to get what you need 

  • By discretion of your previous instructor, you can ask an instructor to let you back into a course and download what you need. That instructor would have to file a ticket to OIT; confirming access. (Access to previous courses expire 6 weeks after the semester ends) 

  • Yes, If you anticipate needing an incomplete for the summer 2022 term 

  • It is advised to download/archive and/or print all copies of your work to document what has been submitted and what needs to be completed


How will students manage incompletes for spring 2022? 

All faculty, students, staff and administrators will retain access to manage incompletes for Spring 2022 until 8/22/2022.

  • If you anticipate the incomplete to be resolved before 8/22/2022, then manage it in Blackboard or follow the information for "How will students manage incompletes for spring 20222 and summer 2022?"
  • If you anticipate the incomplete not to be resolved before 8/22/2022 then follow the information for "How will students manage incompletes for spring 20222 and summer 2022?"



How will students manage incompletes for summer 2022? 

Because of the varying operational needs that are unique to the individual circumstance; Information Technology and OIT’s role in the management of incompletes is to connect students with existing technologies such as email, onedrive and webex before last date of Blackboard Access. 

We also advise that all students should: 

  • Follow Academic Policies in documenting, communicating, and resolving incompletes with faculty. 

  • Download pertinent course records and materials from all electronic sources to facilitate resolving incompletes (starting now through the last day of class of summer 2022). 

  • Resolve incompletes offline, or through other electronic means in approved campus systems. 

  • Retain accurate records. See New Paltz’s Record Retention Schedule. 

  • Discuss with their instructors asap in planning and resolving incompletes. (Information Technology and OIT will not be able to advise on Academic Affairs). 

  • Plan accordingly asap for alternate assessments when access to their Blackboard enrolled courses are not available after summer 2022. 


What Third Party tools will be available in D2L? 

SUNY is reviewing all campuses tools and needs and will be implementing a standardized set of tools that align with SUNY policies that give campuses additional discounts by partnering together as a procurement cohort. More information is forthcoming. 

At the present time we are prioritizing webex, respondus and Panopto for the Summer 2022 Pilot. More information on tools is forthcoming for fall 2022. 


Organizations/Communities in Blackboard 

Will Blackboard Communities continue in BrightSpace D2L? 

No, Blackboard Communities will not continue or be migrated into Brightspace D2L. Other campus tools are better suited for sustainable collaboration, editing and sharing content. (More information is forthcoming from Information Technology) 


What should I do with my content in Blackboard Communities? 

  • You should begin now to download any existing content before the last access date in Summer 8/22/22. There will not be a migration or conversion for your content to a new system 

  • Talk with your community leaders 

  • Community Leaders will present their needs to Information Technology so they can match them with the proper tools (More information is forthcoming from Information Technology) 


Training & Orientation 

Will there be training and orientation for students? 


What should we do now? 

More information about summer and fall is on the way. Always check your email, Daily Digest, and D2L BrightSpace archives for the latest updates

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