Conversion Woes vs. Conversion Issues

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This article is designed to explain the difference between a conversion "woe" and a conversion "issue."


Courses are exported from Blackboard and then imported into D2L Brightspace, where we can make them available for you to access.  Conversions move your course content into Brightspace, but they do not move any student data.  

Conversion Differences

The conversion process tries to map content from Blackboard into the Brightspace environment.  How successful this process will be will depend on a variety of factors including the setup of the course in Blackboard, the history of the course, the amount of information included in the course package when it is created, and how various course tools were used.  Refer to this document for specific conversion information.

Course Review

After your courses are converted into the Brightspace environment, it is the faculty member's responsibility to review all elements of their courses.  Please thoroughly review the course before beginning any work or changes, as if a major issue is discovered down the line, we may need to delete the course and try to convert the course again.

Course review includes, but is not limited to: files, text areas, learning tools, tests and pools, images, links, and announcements.  While we hope most content will transfer, you may find that an item or two is missing.  See the next section for definitions of conversion "woes" verses conversion "issues" and how they should be resolved.  All issues will be triaged and any serious conversion issues will be given priority.

Conversion Woe

Minor Conversion Woe

A minor conversion woe is where the course, or parts of information in the course, has a minor issue. For example, a few images or files may be missing or a few hyperlinks or course links may no longer work.  When this happens it is certainly an inconvenience, but it can be resolved by the instructor updating and fixing these issues independently on their own.

An Intermediate Conversion Woe

An intermediate conversion woe is where you see a pattern of missing course parts or information and the course has noticeable gaps. For example, in one of your quizzes, 7 out of 10 quiz questions did not migrate over.  Another example may be that on the exterior of each module, all of the images are gone and a broken link is displayed. Intermediate conversion woes should be reported to OIT using the option "Migration Questions/Comments" formso that we can track and seek to resolve these issues for future course conversions. Be as specific as possible as to what is missing and where in the course is used to be located.  After the issue is reported, instructors should attempt to fix these types of gaps independently - again, we recognize that this is an inconvenience.  If you think you will need help to correct the issue, please put a comment in the ticket when you submit; someone will assist you according to our triage cycle.  

Conversion Issue

A conversion issue is where there is a large gap of course content or information missing, which would take a significant amount of time and labor to fix. An example would be if all of your exams, files, and/or modules were missing.  At this point, if you have done any work in the class, stop and thoroughly check the course for any further issues.  Document the issue as much as possible and report all issues as soon as possible to OIT using the option "Migration Questions/Comments" form.  Serious conversion issues will be given priority attention.

The associated support ticket form covers all types of Brightspace requests, including questions about the migration and training materials.


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