Brightspace Migration Checklist

Check that you have accomplished all relevant steps to prepare for the transition from Blackboard to D2L Brightspace!  Note: some steps will not apply to all faculty or may have special instructions for some faculty. 

Review the Timeline 

Review the Brightspace Migration Timeline

Make note of pertinent dates. 

Log in to Brightspace  

Make sure you can log in to   

Make sure you can see your fall course shells in Brightspace

Review all relevant courses in the course review area

Take the Two Required Trainings 

The Core DLE Training (should be completed by all faculty before teaching in fall 2022). 

The Core Pedagogy Training (should be completed before fall 2022 for faculty looking to get Provisional Certification OR should be completed before the end of 2022 for faculty who teach in any remote format). 

Request Copies or Conversions 

Note, the following semesters will be automatically converted and don’t need to be requested: Summer 2022, Spring 2022, Winter 2022, Fall 2021, Summer 2021, and Spring 2021. All requests are made through our Brightspace support ticket

Make a request to have Blackboard course materials placed in your Fall 2022 course shells.  

Make a request to have any Blackboard courses that you want to retain for any other semester beyond Fall 2022 converted over to Brightspace. 

Review Converted Courses in Brightspace 

Failure to review content in Brightspace before November 1 may result in lost content. Issues discovered during review should be reported on the Brightspace support ticket

Review ALL courses in Brightspace with content that you want to retain. 

Check out the Conversion Woes vs. Conversion Issues article to know when to report problems.   

Plan to Replace Communities 

Brightspace does not have a community feature, so alternative solutions are being explored. Depending on the purpose of the community, different tools or combinations of tools may be offered.   

If you are a leader in a community, create a plan (with co-leaders, if applicable) for replacing the community.   

If you have not already been contacted about a community in which you are a leader, contact 

Plan to Resolve Incompletes 

Review the communication about incompletes from the Registar's office.

If you have an outstanding incomplete that will not be resolved before August 21, 2022, plan to manage the incomplete outside of Blackboard.   

Planning may include some or all of the following: downloading the grade center from Blackboard, downloading student assignments, downloading submissions, retaining student work in other parts of the course (ex. discussions, etc.), setting up a OneDrive space to share content, working over web-conferencing, etc. 

Check that You Have Retained All Required Data 

Courses moved to Brightspace will not include student data.  An archiving platform is being piloted and more information on what will be archived will be sent out after a contract is signed. 

Have you retained any additional data you are required to keep by campus or departmental policy


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