Hawkmail Link Removal

Changes to Hawkmail

If you are reading this - you've most likely clicked on the Hawkmail link on the New Paltz website.

At the end of August 2022 - the link from www.newpaltz.edu to Hawkmail will be removed.  Since Hawkmail is no longer the official email for students - we are removing that link to highlight other important campus services.

To go to Hawkmail directly going forward, go to gmail.com (and login with your @hawkmail.newpaltz.edu address).  Please make a note of this since the link that brought you here from the New Paltz home page will soon be going away.

This will not change your existing Hawkmail account - it will just be to remove the link from the main page.  Hawkmail accounts will be kept active (for faculty/staff/students/alumni/retirees) who already have them, as long as they are accessed regularly.  Any Hawkmail account that isn't accessed for a year may be disabled.



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