Discussion Board: How do I participate?

This article provides step-by-step instructions for students or participants who need to access a discussion board and post to the forum.

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Accessing a Discussion Board

When beginning a course, some instructors will place a specific “Discussion Board” button or link on the main course menu; if so, simply click this button to access the discussion board area.

If your instructor has not created a specific menu button, click on the “Tools” button or link

Then browse for and click on “Discussion Board” to enter the discussion board area.

Participating on a Discussion Board

If your instructor is using discussion boards, he or she will have already created a forum for discussion; most instructors choose to create a new forum for each individual discussion, week, or module (depending on course format), so be sure you are posting in the correct area.

When creating the forum, instructors must indicate whether or not students are allowed to create new forum “threads” – if your instructor allows students to create new threads you can begin posting as soon as a forum is made available (check specific syllabi or course rubrics for discussion requirements).

If your instructor does not allow students to create new threads, you must wait until he or she has posted the first thread to be able to participate. In either type of discussion board, you will have the option of replying directly to anyone else within the course who has posted to the discussion by replying to their “thread.”

Helpful Discussion Board Hint

If your response is lengthy, it is a good practice to type your post in a word processing program first and to then cut and paste the response into Blackboard. Since Blackboard does not have autosave features, any disruption while typing a response will result in your reply being irrecoverably lost.

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