Using RHV Virtual Desktops

  1. If you are off-campus, first connect to the college's VPN (Virtual Private Network) service.  For more information on the VPN - please see: the VPN section of our Knowledge Base.
  2. If you haven't installed the Virt Viewer program, do that first. (See RHV Client Installation Instructions.)  Even if you have installed Virt Viewer in the past, you may want to upgrade to the latest version.
  3. Direct your browser to the VM Portal via the URL
  4. Log into the VM Portal with your campus username and password.
  5. You should see icons for the virtual desktops that you have access to, such as the one below.  Attach to a virtual desktop by clicking on the Run button.










  1. Within 10 seconds, you will be attached to a virtual desktop. 

  2. Click on the menu button next to the Shutdown button.  

  3. Click on the SPICE Console option in the menu.  The web browser will automatically download a file named console.vv.
  4. Your web browser will have an option to Open the console.vv file that was just downloaded.  Open the file and the Remote Viewer client should appear and connect to the virtual desktop.
  5. You should see the time and date in the Remote Viewer window.

  6. Press the Esc button to go to the Login Screen for the virtual desktop.

  7. Enter your campus username and password to log in.

  8. To get a command prompt, click on the Applications menu and find the Terminal application.  It can be found in the Favorites submenu.

  9. Please shut down the virtual desktop when you are finished using it.  This can be done from the menu at the top right of the desktop.

  10. You can log out of the VM Portal with the menu at the top right of the screen.



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