Departmental Servers

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Background definition: A server is system that is not for personal use, but runs a shared software application or provides a network based function or service. Servers typically run 24 hours a day and require limited direct interaction. They are also typically a better grade of hardware than regular PCs. Since they are required 24×7, they typically belong in a temperature controlled space with UPS or other power conditioning. Typically they are covered by four hour or next day service support contracts. Since they hold critical information and run multi-user applications, they need to be regularly backed up. All servers hosting campus wide applications are housed in HAB60 or other IT managed sites approved by the Chief Information Officer.

In addition to the collection of servers that run campus wide applications, there are applications that are somewhat limited and department or school based. In these cases, IT may not have been involved in the initial set-up of the system.


All servers should be housed in an environment that provides: security, climate control, power conditioning, regular system backups, appropriate network access, and a knowledgeable person responsible for operating system and application software updates. Unless there is an underlying reason that dictates another preferred location of the server hardware, these systems should all be housed in HAB 60 or in the STL computer room.

This does present some issues in terms of responsibility for the system and possibly the need for off-hours access. This will be worked out on a case by case basis.


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