Hawkmail included Apps and extras

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  • "Gmail" is a web-based e-mail service that allows an organization to run its e-mail system using Google’s systems. It provides the capability to access an End User's inbox from a supported web browser, read mail, compose, reply to, and forward mail, search mail, and manage mail through labels. It provides filtering for spam and viruses and allows Administrators to create rules for handling messages containing specific content and file attachments or routing messages to other mail servers. Rules can be set up by group or the Customer (all domains).
  • "Google Calendar" is a web-based service for managing personal, corporate/organizational, and team calendars. It provides an interface for End Users to view their calendars, schedule meetings with other End Users, see availability information for other End Users, and schedule rooms and resources.
  • "Google Drive" provides web-based tools for creating and collaborating. End Users can store, transfer, and share files, view videos, and jointly collaborate on documents, spreadsheets and presentations.
  • "Google Sites" allows an End User to create websites to publish internally within a company or publish externally. An End User can create a site through a web-based tool, and then can share the site with a group of other End Users or publish the site to the entire company or the world (if permitted by the Administrator). The site owner can choose who can edit a site and who can view the site.
  • "Google Contacts" allows End Users to import, store and view contact information, and create personal groups of contacts that can be used to email many people at once.


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