Requesting an Alumni e-mail address

Alumni, or current students without Hawkmail who have already applied for graduation, can request a Hawkmail account via the the steps below.  

1) Go to
2) Log in with your user ID and new password.
3) click on the "Alumni" tab at the top
4) On the left side menu, click on "Alumni Resources"
5) On the right side menu click on "Request Alumni E-mail Address"
6) Follow any other prompts you see.

If you receive an error during this process, email  Include the specific error message that you receive.

Note: Hawkmail accounts for alumni* are kept active indefinitely with the following caveats:

  • Your Hawkmail account is accessed at least once a year.  Any Hawkmail account that is tied to a non-registered student which has not been accessed in over a year may be deleted.
  • SUNY New Paltz may decide to end this service in the future.  If we do so we commit to at least one year notice, with ample notifications to all Hawkmail users.

*Note: You are only considered to be an alumni (for the purposes of this service) if you have completed at least one credit bearing course at the college.  If you withdraw before completing any courses at the college, your account will be deleted.


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