RHV Virtual Desktops FAQ

Why can I not connect to RHV from off-campus?

The RHV system is only accessible on-campus, or via the college's VPN (Virtual Private Network) client.  If you are not on-campus you will have to connect to the VPN before connecting to RHV.  For more information on the VPN - please see: the VPN section of our Knowledge Base.

The virtual desktops appear in Full Screen mode by default.  How can I get them to appear in Windowed mode?

  1. In the User Portal, click once on the virtual desktop that you want to use.  
  2. Click on the (Edit) link next to Console: SPICE on the right side.  You should see the Console Options window appear.  
  3. Under SPICE Options, uncheck the Open in Full Screen option.  
  4. Click the OK button to dismiss the Console Options window.
  5. Double-click on the virtual desktop icon.  This time, the virtual desktop should appear in Windowed mode.


How can I change to Windowed mode or disconnect?

  1. If you are already using the virtual desktop in Full Screen mode, you can change to Windowed mode.
  2. Move the mouse pointer to the center of the top of the screen.  A control should come down. 

There is a button with the label "Leave fullscreen" which will change Remote Viewer to Windowed mode.  There is also an X button which will disconnect from the virtual desktop and close Remote Viewer.


Can I transfer files to my virtual desktop?

You can drag files from your local computer to Remote Viewer.  The file should appear in the Desktop folder of the virtual desktop.

There are a few limitations to this file transfer:

  • You can drag only one file at a time
  • You cannot drag folders, only files
  • You cannot drag files or folders out of the virtual desktop. 


Can I copy and paste between my local computer and my virtual desktop?

You can copy and paste text between your local computer and the virtual desktop.  At this time, copy and paste doesn't support files and images.


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