How to use PowerPoint's "Presenter View" with a PC and Projector

"Presenter View" is a feature in Microsoft PowerPoint that allows a presentation with notes to be displayed on one computer, but only the presentation itself on another (such as a projector).  This is beneficial when working at an instructor station because you can display the presentation with notes on the instructor station while only displaying the presentation itself on the overhead screen.  Follow the steps below to use this feature: 


  1.  Click the Windows key + “P” to open the projector menu; from this menu, click on “Extend.”
  2.  Open your presentation in PowerPoint.
  3.  Go to the Slide Show tab.
  4.  On the Slideshow tab, select the second monitor from the Monitor dropdown menu. Next, check the box directly underneath for "Presenter View."
  5.  Click “From Beginning” (or F5) to start the presentation.
  6.  The computer monitor should show the presenter view with notes, while the projected view should only show the presentation.


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