Making your Own Webpage - student instructions

If you'd like to design and maintain your own webpage, you can do so by following the steps below. Please note that any page on the New Paltz website should follow university web guidelines

Requesting Web Space ("Shell Account") for your Webpage

     * Web space is only available to current Faculty, Staff and Students.

Follow these steps to request a "Shell Account" on, which is our server for personal web pages

  1. Login to with your NPCUID.
  2. Click on the "Student Services" tab.
  3. Click on “Sign Up For Web Space,” under the Computer Services heading.
  4. Click on “Request Shell Account.”
  5. Your web address, or URL, will be followed by your New Paltz Computer User ID (NPCUID).  All together, it would look like this:

Creating Your Webpage

  1. Design your webpage with your favorite web editor
  2. Copy / upload your web site and or files (HTML, images, PDFs, etc) to the webserver ( by using an FTP program such as WinSCP (click here to learn how to get started with using WinSCP).

Additional Information:

  • If you need assistance logging in to your site or are having other access-related issues, please contact the Academic Computing Help Desk (x3597 or  The campus does not provide any support for website design, coding, or other aspects of building the site.
  • Keep in mind that only webpages that are compliant with New Paltz Web Guidelines will be hosted on the SUNY New Paltz website; check out the Web Guidelines page run by the Office of Communication and Marketing for more about what is acceptable for New Paltz hosted sites.


If you see the following message: “Forbidden: You don’t have permission to access “…(whatever)…” on this server?” follow the steps below:

  • Open WinSCP and change the permissions (rights) on your files. Do the following for each file in your web directory:
      1. Click on the file once and hit the F9 key on your keyboard.
      2. You will then see the following window (see image, below).
      3. In the box called "Octal", type in 755 and then click OK.
      4. Try your page again. If you still get permissions errors, reload the page using the "reload" button in your browser. If you still have problems, make sure that each file in your web directory is set to 755.

File Permissions


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