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Have you ever forgotten your flash drive when working in a computer lab? Do you need to save your work when using our VDI environment? Have you ever accidently lost a project while working in a lab? We have a solution to all these situations!

You now have access to network storage (“home drive”) whenever you use one of our campus Windows computer labs (for Mac labs, the home drive is only accessible through VDI, currently) or when you work on- or off-campus in the VDI environment. All users with a valid New Paltz username (NPCUID) and password have access to approximately 2 GB of storage in their home drive. A few important things to note about your home drive.

  • All files saved in the home drive are private and only visible to you and the campus system administrator.

  • All files are backed up (but we still recommend periodically saving files to a thumb drive or your Google Drive as a precaution).

  • When you have used 90% of your home drive capacity, you will get an email from servicedesk@newpaltz.edu indicating that you have nearly reached your storage quota.

You can view your home drive by going to your start menu and clicking on “Computer” when you are on the campus network or when logged in through VDI. Your home drive will be named with your SUNY New Paltz user-ID and it will also show as the “N:” drive. Currently, your home drive will be the default save location for most software applications.

The home drive project is still underway and we will keep the campus community updated as features are added to the home drive system. If you have questions about using your home drive, please contact the IT Service Desk via phone at 845-257-HELP (4357), via email at servicedesk@newpaltz.edu, or stop by our office in Humanities 103.


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