Printing with PaperCut Client - iOS

iOS Printing Instructions:

Note: Chrome is recommended for web printing

1. Find the 'share' or 'menu' icon in the document you want to print.

2. Tap the 'Print' link.


3. Tap 'AirPrint'.


4. Find and select the desired printer and then DESELECT the double-sided option; when this is complete, tap 'Print'.


5. You will see a message telling you your document is in a queue; click 'OK'.


6. You must now release your document in PaperCut; open the PaperCut Release App for iOS and skip to step 8 or tap here to open PaperCut and proceed to step 7.

7. Tap 'Continue' to verify the server identity.


8. Enter your NPCUID and password; then tap 'Log In'.


9. Select the printer to which you sent the job (make sure the printer address contains '').


10. Make sure the print job is selected; then, tap 'Release'.


11. Your job has been printed!. 



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