Revised Lab Rules to Include COVID-19 Precautions

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  • Users must wear double-layered cloth or paper masks covering the mouth and nose at all times.
  • Users must observe 6' social distance by using only every other computer.  (Do not use stations marked with social distancing signs and inoperable keyboards and mice.)
  • Disinfect your keyboard and mouse before using.  Spray disinfectant onto paper towels provided in the lab, then wipe down surfaces and let dry.
  • Observe 6' social distance while waiting for print outs.  Note stickers on floor indicating distance.
  • Use hand sanitizer provided in the lab after touching the printer and other exposed surfaces.



  • Disabled students have priority for ADA compliant computers.
  • NOT ALLOWED: food, cell phone calls, music, raucous behavior, and animals other than service designated.
  • Offensive printouts may be confiscated.
  • During peak lab usage periods, if you are engaged in non-academic activity such as playing games or surfing the web, you may be asked to leave to make room for students needing to complete academic work.
  • Failure to comply with local, state or federal laws or any computer usage policies set forth by the college will likely result in your access to college computing service being curtailed or disabled.



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Wed 2/8/17 2:11 PM
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