How To Use Crestron Lecture Capture

Overview Of Using Crestron Lecture Capture

  • To begin, press the Capture icon on the right side of the Crestron Control panel.

Crestron Touch Panel Home Screen



  • This message will display. After reading it, press the Next button at the bottom.

Crestron Capture Important Note



  • Choose the type of Lecture Capture you'd like to perform.
    • TOP - The system is tied into the class schedule. If you are scheduled in this classroom, your name/class should appear here.
      • Recording will automatically upload to Ensemble.
    • LEFT - AdHoc recordings can be done at any time. Select this if your information does not appear in the top option.
      • Recording will automatically upload to Ensemble.
    • RIGHT - AdHoc recording to a personal flash drive. This option will become active once you'd inserted a USB flash drive into the USB port on the desk labeled Capture.
      • Recording will be saved on your flash drive and will not upload to Ensemble.

Crestron Capture Type Selection



  • Choose your capture layout.
    • Content and Camera PIP - The recording will have the content full screen and the camera image as a smaller boxer inside the content.
    • Content Only - The content (computer, document camera etc.) will fill the entire screen.
    • Camera Only - The camera will fill the entire screen.

Crestron Capture Layout



  • Adjust camera controls.

Crestron Capture Control



  • Press the Record icon to initiate recording. Note the status message at the bottom left.

Crestron Capture Prepare



  • Once the status message says "Recording", you may begin your lecture.
  • Please state your Name, the Date, Time and Course Name at the begining of your session. 

Crestron Capture Recording



  • Press the Pause icon if you need to temporarily stop recording. When ready to resume recording, press the pause button again.

Crestron Capture Paused



  • When finished with your lecture, press the Stop icon. 

Crestron Capture Stopped



  • If you recorded to a flash drive, please wait about 10-15 seconds before removing the drive.
  • If you have recorded to Ensemble, please fill out the Lecture Capture Support Request form to request your video be transferred to your Ensemble Library.

Crestron Capture Complete


For more information, walk in to the Service Desk in Humanities 103 or call 845-257-HELP (4357).
To request technology assistance and support, submit a ticket.


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