How to Login to (No Previous Account)

If you have never had a account OR do not want to link your previous account to your SUNY New Paltz account, use the following steps below when you log in to for the first time (if you've had an account and want to link it to your SUNY New Paltz account, click here for alternate instructions):

1.  Go to and log in.

Image of the New Paltz login screen.

2.  On the Faculty/Staff tab, click on Training Resources.

Image showing that the Training Resource link is located on the left menu about half-way down.

3.  Click on No, I've never had an Account.

Image indicating that the button "No, I've never had an account' should be selected.

4.  On the next page, enter your name and your campus email address and click Save.

Image showing the log in screen

5.  You are now logged in to

Image of the welcome screen


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