Google Apps (Hawkmail): Share a folder

You can share a file or folder within Google Docs.  To do so, follow the steps below

  1. Go into a folder within Google Drive (Or create a new folder and enter it).  Click the name of the folder at the top and choose Share.
    Note: For files, you should right click on that file and choose Share.
  2. Enter one or more email addresses in the "People" box.
  3. Choose the sharing rights: via the icon to the right of the People box.
    • Organize, add, and edit (aka read/write permission)
    • Can view only
  4. Add details in the "Add a note" box, informing the share recipients what the share is regarding.
  5. When done, click Send.  Anyone you listed in the people box will receive an email with instructions on accessing the share.


Note: You can use the "Get shareable link" option in the above screenshot as well.  Anyone with this link can view the files.  Be cautious with this and do not store anything that shouldn't be public this way.



Note: Google may change their user interface at any time.  As such, these steps may at some point become inaccurate.  If you find they are no longer accurate, please contact the Service Desk and let us know!


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