How do I ensure my instructor will receive my file?

Save Your Work in a Format Others Will be Able to Read

Recommended file types for submitting a digital file:

  1. PDF (.pdf): (Recommended) most word processing software allows you to save your file as a PDF, which is a universal file type that can be opened by both Windows and Mac users. This also works with the online grading tool in Blackboard and is preferred by most professors.
  2. Microsoft Word (.doc): the .doc file type that is created when Word documents are saved is accessible by most faculty members and they work with the online grading tool in Blackboard.  All current campus community members have access to Microsoft Office; if you do not have this program installed, please see the article: "How do I install Microsoft Office to my personal computer or device?"

Following Proper File Naming Procedures

Blackboard will not display files with names longer than thirty (30) characters. Also, remember that Blackboard is a web environment and may not work well if you allow “blank spaces” in the file name. Keeping this in mind, follow these guidelines for naming files:

  1. Make sure your file name doesn’t include blank spaces.
  2. If you need a separating character in your file name, replace the blank spaces with a dash ( – ) or an underscore ( _ ). For example: john_smith-assignment_1
  3. Do not use “special characters” such as / * & ^ % $ # @ ! in your file name.

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