Online Test Taking Best Practices

Before taking an online test, follow these suggestions to avoid complications.

  • 15 minutes before beginning a test, log out of all programs and restart your computer.
  • Browser Compatibility: Use only Chrome or Firefox when using Blackboard.
  • To minimize problems when submitting the test, make sure that you do not have any other browser windows open.
  • Shut down distracting activities such as Instant Messaging and Email.
  • Maximize the browser screen. Any other setting might hide critical functions such as the Save or Submit buttons. Re-sizing the browser while taking an assessment is not recommended.
  • Click Begin only once when you are ready to launch the test.
  • Allow the page to load completely before answering questions.
  • Read all the instructions carefully.
  • Do not use the Back, Forward, or Refresh buttons on the browser while taking the test.
  • Do not use the Left, Right, Up, Down, Space, keyboard keys, or scroll wheel while taking the test to navigate the browser window.
  • Do not re-size the browser; re-sizing should be done before starting the test.
  • Do not open a new web browser window while taking the test; this could reload the assessment, and deny you access if only one attempt is allowed.
  • Do not navigate to any Course menu links such as ‘Announcements’ while taking the test.
  • Click the Save and Submit button once when the test is completed. Do not press “Enter” on the keyboard in place of clicking “Submit”. The system will not record any score if the test is not submitted. If the submission was successful, the system will display a confirmation. Clicking Save and Continue button does not submit the test.
  • Check your Grade:The default location for checking grades is My Grades located under Tools.

Additional best practices for off campus.

  • Choose a familiar and stable computer on which to take the test.
  • Reboot your router if you've been having internet trouble at least one hour before the exam.

  • Check your computer for the latest updates (Operating system patches, virus updates, java) 48 hours before the exam.

  • Use a hard-wired connection rather than a wireless connection whenever available.

  • If your Internet service is shared among multiple users (e.g. in an apartment complex), it is likely you will experience slow connectivity and possible disconnection when taking an online test. Recommendation: Take online tests using more stable connections.


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