"Folderizing" Your Blackboard Course

Folders: The Foundation of a Module-Based Classroom

If you and your students are feeling frustrated with finding course content or assignments in your Blackboard course, you should think about organizing your course materials into folders and/or sub-folders.  Folders are the recommended method for building the structure of an online course or the online portion of a hybrid course.  Folders allow you to arrange content by the week or by any unit of time that makes sense with your course schedule.  Keeping all your content and assignments for a particular module in a single folder has a number of benefits. Not only can this make content or assignments easier to find, but it can also simplify course management in a lot of additional ways, as well:

  • Make it easy to set entire areas to become available at certain dates, instead of individually setting item availability.
  • Make it easier to copy sections to future semesters or other courses.
  • Make it easier for support staff to find resources when you or a student needs assistance.
  • Give yourself a more visual way to check to see that you have included all content or assignments in a particular area.
  • Less navigation - students don't have to look in other areas of the course to find assignments or content.
  • You can set the folder to open on a particular date and time, rather than setting dates/times on all individual pieces of content.
  • Fewer student questions about deadlines and where to find content or assignments.
  • A visual overview of the assignments and content that are a part of each module - do you have too much? too little?
  • If an issue arises, it is easier for support services to find assignments or content in order to assist.
  • Organized courses mean less scrolling - very important for those who use keyboard navigation due to impaired mobility.

So, as you now begin to create your module folders, really begin to look at the course from a student's perspective as it starts to take shape:

  • Is the naming of each folder consistent?
  • Does the layout make sense?
  • If you were a student, would finding the right folder feel intuitive?

If something begins to not feel right at this stage, check-in with your instructional designer.

Create a Content Folder

A sample image of folders used in this course showing simple, intuitive names for easy navigation. For more explanation; review Blackboard's documentation on how to create folders.

Blackboard folder structure


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