Blackboard Collaborate: Information and Resources

Blackboard Collaborate is an integrated web-conferencing tool housed within Blackboard Learn.  

Features and Benefits:

  • Faculty can host online, synchronous learning sessions.
  • Faculty can create student-moderated sessions for virtual collaborative sessions among student groups.
  • Faculty can bring remote guests into an online, seated, or hybrid course.
  • All Collaborate sessions can be recorded and converted to mp4 format for storage or use in any web environment.
  • Blackboard Collaborate can support up to six simultaneous participants (including the moderator) using audio and/or video.

Authorized Users:

  • Faculty
  • Students
  • Staff (some staff members may need a Blackboard account made by request)
  • Administrators (some administrators may need a Blackboard account made by request)

Request Process:

  • Blackboard Collaborate is available through Blackboard courses or organizations.  If you do not have a Blackboard account, please see the Blackboard Learn section for more information [link needed].

User Responsibility:

  • All users are responsible for logging in to Blackboard with their own New Paltz User ID.

Requirements and Prerequisites:

Hours of Availability:

  • Blackboard is available all hours

Customer costs:

  • Blackboard is available free of charge to faculty, staff, and students.



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