How do I manage my Course and/or Community List on Blackboard?

You can show or hide specific courses in your My Blackboard tab, your Courses tab, or your Communities tab on Blackboard.  Adjusting one tab will not automatically adjust the other, but all three can be adjusted to your preferences.

1.  Go to and log in with your SUNY New Paltz username.

2.  Go to either the My Blackboard, Courses, or Communities tab.

3.  Navigate to either the My Courses area, the Course List area, or the My Communities area and an edit button will become available.   

Image shows the My Coruses section of the My Blackboard area with an arrow pointing to the edit button in the top right corner of the image.

4.  On the next screen, you have various options for personalization:

Image shows all courses in the course list.  An arrow on the left hand side of the image points to an icon of up and down arrows; clicking on these arrows adjusts to position of courses on the list.  An arrow on the right points to checkboxs; uncheck any items you don't want to be seen.

  • Adjust the order in which courses appear:
    • Option 1: Use the keyboard accessible reordering icon (the arrow icon on the left-hand side)
    • Option 2: Drag and drop by hovering your mouse to the left of the item until a two-pointed arrow appears and then move selected items up or down.
  • Show or hide items by checking or un-checking the box in the Course Name column (only checked items will show).

5.  When all changes have been made, select Submit.  Your My Courses area, Course List area, or My Communities area should now reflect these changes.


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