OneDrive: Switching from using the "F" drive to OneDrive


This article is for faculty and staff at SUNY New Paltz who currently use the "F" drive on the office/admin computer network.  We are recommending that people use OneDrive, in place of the F drive.  There are a number of advantages to using OneDrive instead of the F drive:

  • The F drive is only available while on a computer in an Office (or while connected via VPN).  Your OneDrive is available anywhere you have an Internet connection, including your office, when logged into a computer lab or instructor station in a classroom, on your home computer, or any mobile device with the OneDrive app.
  • OneDrive keeps a revision history of files.  You can easily revert to an older copy of a file (see Microsoft's "Restore a previous version of a file page" for more info on this).
  • OneDrive makes it easy to recover recently deleted files (see Microsoft's "Find lost or missing files" page for more info).


How do I switch from using the F drive to OneDrive?

Information Technology Services (ITS) does support and recommend OneDrive - though we have not yet made a full campus push to have everyone replace their "F" drive (their personal campus network drive) with OneDrive.

ITS can migrate your files for you - just open a service request for us and request migration.  We will move your files into your OneDrive.  Please note that it may take several days as the migration tool provided by Microsoft can only move files so quickly - and it depends on how many requests we get.