Adding a Tool Link to the Main Menu

In order to keep the main menus of Blackboard courses consistent to ease student use, the Office of Instructional Technology recommends including links to tools within the content folders where they are relevant.  However, if you feel the addition of an extra link is necessary to your course design, you can follow the steps below to add the link to your course menu.  Discussion is used as an example, but the process is the same for all tool links.  

1. Begin in the course you want to alter.

2. Select the plus sign ("+") from the top left corner (see "1" on image below).

3. From the menu that opens, select Tool Link (see "2" on image below).  

Left Menu Edit Menu

4. On the dialogue box that opens, type the name of the tool as you'd like it to appear on the main menu (see "1" on image below).

5. From the drop-down menu in the Type area, select the type of tool you'd like to add (see "2" on image below).

6. If you want the tool to be immediately available to students, select the Available to Users option, by checking the box (see "3" on image below).

7. When all options are complete, select the Submit button.

Add Tool Link Dialogue Box

8. The new link will now be available at the bottom of the menu.

9. Select the arrow icon (see "1" on image below) to reposition the new link or click on the arrow to the left of the new link (see "2" on image below) and drag the link into position.

New link added to menu

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