How to Log In to Blackboard

Faculty, staff, registered students, and auditors should all use the following instructions to log in to Blackboard. 

1. Go to

2. Select the login button; it is the blue button located in the center of the screen. 

blackboard login button

3. The next screen that opens should be the official New Paltz login screen with the wording “LOGIN NEWPALTZ.EDU.”  When you see this screen, enter your New Paltz username and password and then select Login.

authentication screen

4. You should now see your classes in Blackboard.

Login Tips:

Blackboard is a single sign-on system; faculty, staff, registered students, and auditors who first log in to can use the Blackboard link to automatically have access to Blackboard.  

Do not use the secondary login screen that is labeled “Blackboard Learn,” unless you have a guest account: faculty, staff, registered students, and auditors should all follow the instructions above. 

Blackboard Guest Authentication

If you have been given a temporary or guest account, please go to the guest login instructions.    

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