Overrides for course permission

If you are unfamiliar with providing course permissions, visit our link on the Records Registration website for more information.

Registration continues for the first three weeks of the semester.  During week 1, students can add courses without special permission, unless the course cap is reached.  Weeks 2 and 3 require electronic permission. 

Visit my.newpaltz.edu > Faculty Services > Teaching Menu > Permission to Register

picture of Manage over rides window

Faculty will have access to provide permission for their courses only.  Chairs and secretaries will be able to provide permissions for all courses within their Department. (Banner SFASRPO is no longer available.)

Select Term and course screen

Permissions already submitted for the class will be viewable.  It will show:

  • “Who” provided the permission (PI- instructor, CAS – chairs and secretaries, DAD – deans and associate deans)
  • Students with permissions who are not yet registered
  • Remaining available overrides as per room capacity.

Add a user screen

Once the electronic permission is entered, please remind the student to register for that class in Records & Registration in WH 115 using the form embedded here. The student will be registered as long as the fire code limits have not been exceeded for the room.

Please note that Records & Registration staff cannot accept emailed or hand-written permission to register a student.


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