NP Hawks WPA Wireless Setup (Windows 10)

This is a one time process that will allow your device running Microsoft Windows 10 to automatically connect to the NP Hawks WPA network whenever it is within range.

Only ONE campus Wi-Fi network should be setup on your device at a time. If you setup a device for NP Hawks WPA make sure to make your device forget the NP Hawks Devices, NP Hawks Guest, and eduroam networks to avoid potential connection problems. See our resources on how to "forget" a Wi-Fi network on a device.

Some laptops have a physical on/off switch that controls the wireless connection; if this applies to your laptop, be sure that the switch is set to “On.” Also make sure your device does not have "Airplane Mode" enabled.


To begin bring up the list of available wireless networks. On the Windows 10 desktop on the bottom right corner find the WiFi icon. If the icon is not visible click the "^" icon to show hidden icons.

Alternatively you can bring up the list of available wireless networks by clicking the following: Windows/Start Menu icon (lower left corner of the Windows 10 desktop) > Gear icon (Settings) > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi on the side bar > Show available networks.



On the list of available wireless networks click "NP Hawks WPA".



A checkbox for Connect automatically should appear. Make sure it is checked and click the Connect button.



You will now be asked to enter your username and password for your SUNY New Paltz account used on and other campus services. Make sure for Username you enter your SUNY New Paltz Username and NOT your email address. Click the OK button to continue.



After entering your username and password you will be asked if you wish to continue. You may optionally click the Show certificate details link to verify the certificate to ensure you are signing into the correct wireless network. As of May 31st 2020 the server thumbprint it shows should be "0C 9C 2C A1 92 11 78 42 9C FB 78 DC 25 3C E2 22 35 14 23 E1 9E FF E8 F8 F2 10 E9 4F 4C 3C 79 65". Click the Connect button to continue.



You should now be connected to the NP Hawks WPA wireless network.



The most common cause for problems setting up your device is a mistyped username or password.



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