NP Hawks WPA Wireless Setup (Apple iOS, iPhones, iPads)

This is a one time process that will allow your Apple iOS based device (including iPhones and iPads) to automatically connect to the NP Hawks WPA network whenever it is within range. The screenshots shown below are taken from an iPhone. iPads will look similar.

Only ONE campus Wi-Fi network should be setup on your device at a time. If you setup a device for NP Hawks WPA make sure to make your device forget the NP Hawks Devices, NP Hawks Guest, and eduroam networks to avoid potential connection problems. See our resources on how to "forget" a Wi-Fi network on a device.


To begin open the "Settings" application found on your home screen.


On the Settings screen tap Wi-Fi.



On the Wi-Fi screen tap the NP Hawks WPA wireless network in the list of available wireless networks.



You will now be asked to enter your username and password for your SUNY New Paltz account used on and other campus services. Make sure for Username you enter your SUNY New Paltz Username and NOT your email address. Click Join to continue.



You will now be asked to trust the security certificate for for use with this wireless network.

Optionally you may view the details for the securiry certificate by tapping More Details. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the list of details and find the section marked Fingerprints. As of May 31st 2020 the SHA-256 fingerprint should match the following: "0c 9c 2c a1 92 11 78 42 9c fb 78 dc 25 3c e2 22 35 14 23 e1 9e ff e8 f8 f2 10 e9 4f 4c 3c 79 65".

Tap Trust when you are ready to continue.



You should now be connected to the NP Hawks WPA wireless network as shown below.



The most common cause for problems setting up your device is a mistyped username or password.



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