Add a backup device for Duo

If you are already a Duo user - you may want to add a secondary/backup device.  This is of use for a few reasons:

  • You have forgotten your primary device (phone or token) at home and need to login.
  • You use the Duo phone app - but your phone is not working (or out ouf battery)
  • You use the Duo phone app but are planning on getting a new phone (which will require activation before it can be used).

Setting up a backup device helps prevent any disruption in logging in.  Note: This must be done while you already have access to your existing Duo device - not after you've lost it or it isn't working.  If your existing device is unavailable or not working - contact the Service Desk at 845-257-HELP or in-person at Humanities 103).

Here's how to set it up:

  1. Log in to any service that uses Duo (, Blackboard, Office 365 - just not the VPN)
  2. Before getting through the Duo portion of the login, click on Add a new device on the left.
    Screenshot of Duo web authentication with the "Add a new device" link highlighted
  3. You will then have to verify your login via an existing device (whatever you are previously using).
  4. You can then follow the prompts and add a backup phone or tablet.
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