Creating new mail folders

A few notes before the actual instructions:

  • The instructions below are for the web version of Office 365.


Create a folder

  1. To create a folder - scroll to the bottom of your list of folders on the left and look for the "New folder" button and click on it.
    • Note: If you have access to shared mailboxes - the new folder button will appear after your folders but before the shared folders.
  2. Give your folder a name and press enter.


Create a subfolder

You may want to have more organization than just a long list of folders.  In this case you may want to create a sub-folder within an existing folder (for example, if you have a folder called "Classes" and want to create a subfolder for Spring 2019 courses").

  1. In the example above - you would right click on the "Classes" folder and choose "Create new subfolder"
  2. Give your new subfolder a name and click enter




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