Creating new mail folders

A few notes before the actual instructions:

  • The instructions below are for the web version of Office 365.
  • These instructions are for the newer version of Outlook Web Access.  You are using the "Old" Outlook if instead it says "Try the new Outlook" at the top right (If it says this - click "Try the new Outlook" to move to the new version).


Create a folder

  1. To create a folder - scroll to the bottom of your list of folders on the left and look for the "New folder" button and click on it.
    • Note: If you have access to shared mailboxes - the new folder button will appear after your folders but before the shared folders.
  2. Give your folder a name and press enter.


Create a subfolder

You may want to have more organization than just a long list of folders.  In this case you may want to create a sub-folder within an existing folder (for example, if you have a folder called "Classes" and want to create a subfolder for Spring 2019 courses").

  1. In the example above - you would right click on the "Classes" folder and choose "Create new subfolder"
  2. Give your new subfolder a name and click enter




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