Building and Organizing the Grade Center

Accessing the Grade Center

The grade center is only accessible by the instructor(s) in the course by navigating through the control panel and clicking on Grade Center.  There are two primary ways to access the grade center and each method serves a different function.

Grade Center Control Panel

1. Needs Grading

  • A filtered view that only shows work that is ready to be graded 
  • Once the work is graded it will not be visible in this area any longer
  • For more information on Needs Grading Visit

2. Full Grade Center

  • Shows all columns that exist in the grade center
  • Shows all submitted work, graded and ungraded
  • You will see a full list of all students in this area
  • Manual columns can be created in this area
  • Columns can be organized in this area
  • Reports can be generated in this area
  • Categories can be created and assigned to columns in this area 


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