About the Turnitin Assignment Feature

What is it?

Turnitin Assignments are a way to collect student work that is private between the student and the instructor, while simultaneously checking the document for plagiarism.  The instructor creates the Turnitin Assignment area, which also creates a column in the grade center.  The student then attaches their work to the assignment so it can be checked by Turnitin and viewed by the instructor.


  • Allows instructors to collect work directly through Blackboard
  • Checks work for plagiarism
  • Generates an originality report to show instructors (and students, depending on setting choices) what parts of the document are not original
  • Most file types can be viewed directly in Blackboard
  • Student submissions can be downloaded and/or printed, as necessary
  • Automatically creates a column in the grade center
  • Instructors can provide grades and feedback through Turnitin/Blackboard
  • When an assignment is graded, the grade is automatically added to the grade center
  • Availability dates can be set to control when students can submit work

Best Use Cases

  • Collecting student work that doesn't need to be shared with other students
  • Collecting work that requires plagiarism checking
  • Word documents, PDF documents, PowerPoint files

Considerations for Use

  • Plagiarism report can take some time to generate depending on volume (i.e. during high volume times, such as near midterm or finals week, turnaround may be slower than normal)
  • Students cannot upload files larger than 40MB
  • Students should make sure they receive a submission confirmation number and they should retain this number so that in the rare case where a document is not received, Turnitin can track the file
  • Instructors should advise students in the syllabus that Turnitin retains student work (anonymously) in a database for comparative purposes

Creating a Turnitin Assignment

This documentation teaches you how to create a Turnitin assignment from within a Blackboard course. 

Please note, since we recommend using module folders in the Content area, you will need to take the extra step of opening the appropriate module folder (this extra step falls between steps 3 and 4 on the documentation). 

Editing a Turnitin Assignment

This documentation teaches you how to edit a Turnitin assignment from within a Blackboard course.

Advanced Assignment Options

When creating a Turnitin Assignment, there is a section called Optional Settings.  You can use the settings in this section to customize your use of Turnitin; make sure to read descriptions and use cases thoroughly to ensure your assignment operates as you wish.

Important: pay careful attention to the Repository Options.  The repository is where Turnitin stores student submissions as part of its cross-referencing database.  If you have students submit more than one draft of a paper, be sure only set the final draft to save to the repository; otherwise, later versions of the paper will be cross-referenced against earlier versions and will return inconclusive originality reports.   




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