Duo Security Key

Starting in Fall 2019 - we've started to distribute Yubikey security keys from Yubico for those who do not have a smart phone, or do not wish to use the Duo app for their phones.  This page has info on how to setup the security key for your account, as well as how to use it.

Initial Setup

When you are first logging into a Duo protected service, you'll be prompted to setup either the Duo app, or a Security Key.


  1. When you see the window below when logging into a Duo protected service for the first time, click Start setupDuo Enrollment - Screenshot 1
  2. When presented with the choice of what type of device you are adding, choose Security Key then click Continue
    Security Key setup - screen two (device choice)
  3. On the next screen, labeled "Enroll Your Security Key", click Continue.
    Security Key setup - screen 3
  4. A new window will pop up prompting you to insert, then tap, your security key when enrolling.  The key should be inserted into the USB port of your computer.  Insert it, wait a second or two, then press your finger on the gold part on the top of the key.
    Security Key setup - screen 4 - insert security key prompt
  5. Click Continue to Login
    Security Key setup - screen 5 - continue to login button
  6. Finally - you'll be at the screen you'll normally use.  You can check the "Remember me" box (it will be 30 days for email, 5 days for everything else).  When you check this box, you won't be prompted to verify via Duo on the same computer (and same web browser) for the specified days.  Note: The remember me option does not work in computer labs or class rooms.


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