Creating and Deploying a Test

In Blackboard any sort of work that involves multiple choice, true false, matching, ordering, short answer or any other type of question of that nature would be considered a Test.
Tests can make for easy grading, allowing you to set a correct answer for certain questions.

To begin creating a test locate the area you'd like the test to show up for students. Any area will work but deploying a test where you want it saves you a step of having to move it.

Once you are in the location you want the test to show up we can begin.


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Hover of the assignment button and in the dropdown menu that appears click Test

Screenshot of Blackboard showing options


This will bring you to the next area where you can either deploy a previously created test, or create a new one. Lets create a new one by clicking "Create"

Screenshot of Blackboard showing options

Clicking Create will bring you to a new page where you must enter the name of the test and optionally a description and instructions. When satisfied, click submit to go the next part of test creation.

Screenshot of Blackboard showing options


Here you can start adding your questions. The order that questions are created is the order they will be displayed. You can change this later, but by creating them in the correct order it saves you that step. Lets say we want a True False Question. Click where it says "True/False" and you will be brought to a page where you create that question.

Screenshot of Blackboard showing options


Once you have created your question you will submit it and find yourself at this page.

There are few things highlighted here. At the top you will see Total Points. This means the amount of points the sum of the points of all the questions on test. Next you can see an icon circled in red. This won't appear till you hover over the area near it. Clicking on this icon gives you the dropdown options to edit a test question.

Finally, on the right side of the image you will see the points for this question. You can change this to any value by clicking the number and typing.

Screenshot of Blackboard showing options

When happy with your questions and point values you can click OK in the bottom right. That will bring you to this familiar screen. You can now select the test you just made to enter the options for that deployment of that test.

Screenshot of Blackboard showing options


See our article on Test Options for explanations for these various settings,

When satisfied with your options click submit and your test will be deployed.


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