Test Options

Once you have created a test and are deploying it you can set options for the test. This article is here to explain the many options blackboard offers for a deployed test.

You can change these options at any time by navigating to the deployed test, hovering over its name and clicking the chevron to the right and selecting "Edit Test Options"


Name: This is the name of the test that will show up for students.

Content link Description: This is the description that will appear below the name BEFORE students enter the test.

Open test in new window: Whether the test will open in the current window or a new window.

Make available to students: Whether students will be able to see the test. If set to no then the test will be hidden. It is worth noting that this setting must be set to yes for the "Display After" setting to work.

Add a new announcement for this test: Whether an announcement should be created when the test becomes available to students. The announcement will also include a link directly to the test if you have concerns about students being unable to find the test..

Multiple Attempts: How many tries a student has for the test. You can modify the "Score attempts using" to take the Last Graded Attempt, Highest, Lowest, First, or average of grades.

Force Completion: Whether interruptions end the test and submit it. This includes losing Internet connection for even a second, a computer dying, or closing the browser window the test is in. We strongly recommend turning this setting to "No".

Set Timer: The number of minutes a student will have to complete the test once they start. The timer keeps going even if they don't have the test window open.

Auto- Submit: Whether a student can keep working past the timer or if their work will be submitted when they run out of time.

Display After: Date and time that the test will appear for the students if "Make available to students" is set to on.

Display Until: Date and time that the test will disappear for the students if "Make available to students" is set to on.

Password: A password of your choice that students must enter before attempting the test.

Test Availability Exceptions: You can add students or groups to this to provide unique criteria for them. This could include additional attempts, a different period of availability, or a different time limit. Useful for accommodations.

Due Date: Date and time after which the test will be marked late in the grade center.

Self-Assessment Options: You can chose to have a test not be factored into a students total blackboard grade by unchecking "Include this Test in Grade Center score calculations".

Show Test Results and Feedback to Students: You can modify when student can see how they did on their attempts here. If rules conflict, students will be able to view results according to the more permissive setting. For example if you set students to be able to see all the answers and questions after their submission but also have a rule that they can see questions after all students have been graded the first rule would be the only one in effect.

  • All Answers: Show all answer options.
  • Correct: Show the correct answers if you provided them.
  • Submitted: Show all of a student's submitted answers.

Test Presentation: You can set the test to provide questions all at once or one at a time. There is also the option to have questions appear in a random order.


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