Unhiding/Hiding Columns from Instructor in Grade Center

How to Unhide Columns in the Grade Center

  1. In the control panel area of the Main Menu, select Grade Center and then Full Grade Center (see images below for example).
  2. When the Full Grade Center screen opens, find and click the Manage button near the top of the screen and select Column Organization from the drop-down menu (see image below for example).  
  3. From the Column Organization page look for any items with greyed out text and (Hidden) at the end of the title.
  4. Select any number of these items you want to unhide by clicking the box to the left of its title. 
  5. Hover over the Show/Hide button below the table and click Show Selected Columns.
  6. Click Submit. The column(s) will reappear in the full grade center.

View of the Grade Center with indicators next to Full Grade center course menu item, the Manage button, and Column Organization dropdown item.Image of Column Organization area of the full grade center with arrows pointing to various steps of the process


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