Creating a rubric for Turnitin Assignments

Steps for creating a Turnitin Rubric

Turnitin rubrics are a separate entity from blackboard rubrics and created/manage in a different way. Follow the steps below to create your own.

To start, create or edit a Turnitin assignment and click Optional settings.

Scroll down to where it says Launch Rubric/Form Manager and click that link

Image of Described Text


You will be brought to a generic 6th-8th Science Argument Rubric.

Click the icon in the top left and in the drop down menu that appears click Create new rubric

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You will now be brought to a template for a rubric with three columns and four rows.

On the bottom of this template there are three icons just to the right of Rubric Scoring that will change your rubric to different template types.
Add new rows with the + signs to the right of Criteria, and add new columns with the + signs in the top right corner of the interface.

Delete any row or column by hovering over the title cell and clicking the trash bin that appears.

Click any text or blank area to change it, filling boxes with descriptions or point values.

When satisfied click Save and your Turnitin Rubric will appear in the dropdown menu for attaching a rubric/form in the Optional Settings area of a Turnitin assignment

Options in Turnitin Rubric


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